Cosmetic Fillings and Bonding

Dentist Addison, IL

Cosmetic fillings are used to help prevent the spread of further tooth decay and to help restore tooth structure which has been lost. They are made of tooth colored composite and when cared for properly can last for many years.

Bonding is the application of tooth-colored composite resin that helps repair decayed, chipped or discolored teeth. It can also be used to fill in spaces between teeth or change the shape of your tooth.

Unlike dental veneers, bonding may not be a permanent solution for the appearance of your smile. However, bonding can be an effective alternative and can last years. Bonding treatments can generally be done in one office visit.

Dr. Mijewski is very experienced in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and would be able to determine if fillings or bonding are the right solutions for you. Please call our office for more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mijewski