Dentures / Partial Dentures

Dentist in Addison, IL

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They are custom-made to look natural and fit comfortably in your mouth. Dentures are generally made of acrylic resin but can also be made of a combination of other metals.

There are two main types of dentures – complete and partial.

  • Complete Dentures
    Complete dentures are used to replace most or all of your missing teeth.
  • Partial Dentures
    Partial dentures are used to replace several missing teeth. They rest on a metal framework that is attached to your natural teeth. Partial dentures attach to your teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments. Dr. Mijewski will help you to decide which type of denture is best for you.

Getting used to Your Dentures
It may take a few weeks to get used to wearing your dentures. At first, eating or speaking may require some practice. Those feelings are completely normal. To help you get used to your dentures, you should wear your dentures all the time and will need to practice inserting and removing them from your mouth. Your dentures should fit perfectly in your mouth, however if you feel any pressure on a particular area, be sure to contact us for an adjustment.

Over time, please keep in mind that the structure of your gums and bone change. Adjustments to your dentures will be required to keep them fitting comfortably and securely.

If you are interested in receiving dentures, please contact us to set up an appointment with Dr. Mijewski.