Intra-Oral Appliance

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Retainer Maintenance 

Your retainer has been specially made from recent impressions of your teeth – it’s been determined that all corrections achieved during your treatment should be retained and appliances for either your upper or lower arch (or perhaps, both) have been constructed. We do not want your teeth to return to the original positions they were in before you wore fixed appliances (braces). Retainers prevent this from happening by assisting your teeth to remain in their newly corrected positions.

Retainers are usually worn on a full-time bases during the first few months after they’re received – wearing time may ben be gradually reduced. It will not be necessary to visit your Doctor’s office as often as was required when you wore braces; however, this does not mean this final phase of treatment is unimportant. Special wearing instructions may be necessary and all office appointments must be kept to insure that your treatment is successfully completed.

Your speech patterns may be slightly affected during the first week of wear – this will disappear as you get used to the appliance. Although your upper Retainer is removable, it should be worn at all times (even when eating), unless you are otherwise instructed. A lower Retainer may either be removed or cemented to the teeth – in all cases, call for an appointment immediately if a cemented wire should loosen or break.

Removable Retainers should be cleaned after each meal – this also provides an excellent opportunity to brush your teeth. All Retainers should be rinsed thoroughly after cleaning and immediately returned to your mouth.

Never wrap your Retainer in a napkin or put it in your pocket – always store it in your carrying case. Also, don’t “flip” your Retainer with your tongue – it can result in breakage. Finally, your Retainer is fragile and should never be abused. Any breakage my result in additional expense and extend your wearing time. Remember, the most ideal place to store you Retainer is in your mouth.